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The Intrusion

by Flora Dias and Juruna Mallon


2023 / Portuguese / Drama / 107 min / 2K / Color

Enquadramento Produções | Lira Cinematográfica | Filmes de Abril | Ipê Branco Filmes | Pomme Hurlante (FR)

DIRECTOR Flora Dias and Juruna Mallon

WRITER Flora Dias and Juruna Mallon

PRODUCERS Leonardo Mecchi, Lara Lima, Paula Pripas and Eva Chillón


CAST Larissa Siqueira, Rômulo Braga, Patrícia Saravy and Antonia Franco




Berlinale (Germany)


Queer Lisboa (Portugal)

Best Film

Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival (Germany)

Best Film

Habana Film Festival (Cuba)

Best Sound

Panorámica - Stockholm Latin American Film Festival (Sweden)

Transit Filmfest (Germany)

L'Alternativa (Spain)

Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival (USA)

Santiago del Estero Film Fest (Argentina)

Olhar de Cinema (Brazil)

Best Cinematography

Best Sound

Sao Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil)

CineBH International Film Festival (Brazil)

For Rainbow (Brazil)

Festival Internacional de Cinema da Fronteira (Brazil)

Rio LGBTQIA+ International Film Festival (Brazil)


In a late indigenous territory lies the largest airport in Brazil. The Intrusion retains its gaze not upon the people passing through it, but on those who remain: the thousands of workers who carry out its operation on a daily basis. By following our characters, we pursue the matter that unites them: the traces of a lost past in a territory in constant transformation.



Flora Dias is a director and cinematographer from São Paulo. She graduated in film at UFF (Brazil) and École Nationale Louis Lumière (France). As a DoP, she has been developing her work since 2009 in short and feature films such as Necropolis Symphony (2014, Mar del Plata) and Dopplegänger (2012, Semaine de la critique), by Juliana Rojas; Your Bones and Your Eyes (2019, IFFRotterdam), by Caetano Gotardo; and Yesterday there were strange things in the sky (2019, Torino), by Bruno Risas.

As a director, she has alongside Juruna Mallon done the feature film The Sun Against My Eyes, which was developed at the Bafici Talent Campus and premiered in Mar del Plata in 2013. Her short film West premiered at the 2016 São Paulo ISFF and in 2019 she released Mirage at Tiradentes FF.

Juruna Mallon is a director and sound designer born in Rio de Janeiro, where he graduated in Film at UFF. He has been living in France for several years, where he got master’s degrees in Film Studies and Visual Anthropology. He has directed documentaries Satan Satie (2015) and The Resonant Islands (2017); the feature film The Sun Against My Eyes (2013); and the short fiction Ararat (2014).


His works have been screened at various festivals and art centers, such as Cinéma du Réel, Vision du Réel, Forum des Images, Tiradentes and Semana dos Realizadores. He received the acquisition award by the Bibliothèque publique du Centre Pompidou in 2017. 


Up next for both is their second feature collaboration, The Intrusion.

Enquadramento Produções

São Paulo


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