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Los Silencios

by Beatriz Seigner


2018 / Portuguese and Spanish / Drama / 90min / 2K / Color

Miríade Filmes | Enquadramento Produções | Ciné-Sud Promotion (FR) | Día Fragma Fábrica de Películas (CO)


DIRECTOR Beatriz Seigner

WRITERS Beatriz Seigner

PRODUCERS Leonardo Mecchi, Thierry Lenouvel and Daniel Garcia



SOUND MIXER Gustavo Nascimento

FILM EDITOR Renata Maria


CAST Marleyda Soto, Enrique Diaz






Cannes Film Festival (France)

Directors' Fortnight

Festival de San Sebastián (Spain)

Spanish Cooperation Award

Stockholm Film Festival (Sweden)

Impact Award

Festival de Cine de Lima (Peru)

Best Screenplay

Special Jury Award​

Cartagena Film Festival (Colombia)

Best Director

Havana Film Festival (Cuba)

Best Artistic Contribution

Kerala Film Festival (India)

Special Jury Award​

Goa Film Festival (India)

UNESCO Special Mention - Ghandi Award

Milan Film Festival (Italy)

Special Jury Award​

Best Picture (Audience Award)

Cyprus Film Festival (Cyprus)

Best Picture

Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine (France)

Cinélatino - Toulouse Film Festival (France)

Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia)​

Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal (Canada)

Pingyao International Film Festival (China)

Mumbai Film Festival (India)

Haifa Film Festival (Israel)

International Women’s Film Festival in Salé (Morocco)

Bergen International Film Festival (Norway)

Hof International Film Festival (Germany)

Shaken Aimanov International Film Festival (Kazakhstan)

Peliculatina (Belgium)

Bengaluru International Film Festival (India)

Luxembourg City Film Festival (Luxembourg)

Prague International Film Festival (Czech Republic)

POW Film Fest (USA)

Wisconsin Film Festival (USA)

Mooov Film Festival (Belgium)

International Human Rights FF (Hong Kong)

Nuremberg Human Rights IFF (Germany)

Brasilia Film Festival

Best Picture (Critic's Award)

Best Director

Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Luis

Best Screenplay

Best Cinematography

Best Sound

Rio IFF 

Sao Paulo IFF




Nuria (12) and Fabio (9) arrive at dawn with their mother Amparo (40) at an unknown island on the border between Brazil, Colombia and Peru. They are fleeing armed conflicts in Colombia and learn that their father, who had allegedly been killed in a landslide caused by a mining company, is hiding in the stilt house where they come to live. Fearful of betraying this family secret, Nuria goes silent, whereas Fabio seems to have no problem with the matter. In the midst of this process, the family tries to receive compensation for the father's death and to obtain a visa to emigrate to Brazil. By covering this story, they uncover others about the family's past; people who have been involved in the armed conflicts of Colombia, which already lasts for over half a century. Gradually, they discover that the island where they are is populated by ghosts, who unite to interfere in the living's destiny.





Beatriz Seigner is the writer and director of the feature film Bollywood Dream (2009), the first coproduction between Brazil and India, selected for almost 20 international film festivals all around the world (Pusan, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, São Paulo etc) and of the documentary in post-production Between us, a secret, shot with the griots (storytellers) of West Africa, winner of a production grant by Spcine (2015). As a writer, she signs the script of the Walter Salles developing movie La Contadora de Películas, the TV series Caminhos (On the Move) (SescTV), winner of the TAL Award 2013 of best TV series in Latin America, directed by Heloisa Passos, Marilia Rocha and Katia Lund, having collaborated on the scripts of Daniela Thomas' feature film Vazante (2016), Sergio Machado’s feature film Tudo o que Passamos Juntos (2015) and Hank Levine’s Exodus. She is also the writer and director of the TV series Enquadro (2016), about Urban Street Art in São Paulo, and the short movies Uma Menina Como Outras Mil (São Paulo International Short Film Festival 2001), Roda Real (São Paulo International Short Film Festival 2004), Indias (2005). Founder of the film production company Miríade Filmes, Beatriz Seigner is now in preparation to shoot her next feature film, Los Silencios, in coproduction with Colombia and France, project winner of the grants Cinema du Monde in France, Ibermedia, Sorfond Pitch Forum, Brazil CineMundi, FSA, Sabesp and SMCSP, and writing the script of Suite Dama da Noite, based on the novel by Manoela Sawitsky.

Enquadramento Produções

São Paulo


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