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Canuto's Transformation

by Ariel Kuaray Ortega and Ernesto de Carvalho


2023 / Portuguese, Guarani and Spanish / Drama / 130 min / 2K / Color

Enquadramento Produções | Vídeo nas Aldeias

DIRECTOR Ariel Kuaray Ortega and Ernesto de Carvalho

WRITER Ariel Kuaray Ortega, Ernesto de Carvalho, Miguel Antunes Ramos, Patrícia Ferreira and Ralf Ortega

PRODUCER Leonardo Mecchi, Vincent Carelli and Ernesto de Carvalho


EDITOR Ernesto de Carvalho and Tatiana Almeida

CAST Fabricio "Álvaro" BenitezThiny Ramirez, Carla Benitez


IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Best Film

Outstanding Artistic Contribution

Tempo Documentary Festival (Sweden)

Honorable Mention

Festival de Cinéma Latino-américain de Paris (France)

Best Film

Jean Rouch International Film Festival (France)

Best Film

Taiwan International Documentary Festival (Taiwan)

Cinélatino – Rencontres de Toulouse (France)

Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)

Festival de Brasília (Brazil)

Best Director

Best Cinematography

Best Screenplay (Affirmative Theme)

Festival Internacional de Cinema da Fronteira (Brazil)

Best Film

Best Film - Audience Award

Best Editing

Tiradentes Film Festival (Brazil)

Curitiba International Film Festival (Brazil)

FICA - International Festival of Environmental Film (Brazil)


In a small Mbyá-Guarani community between Brazil and Argentina, everyone knows the name Canuto: a man who many years ago suffered the dreaded transformation into a Jaguar and then died tragically. Now, a film is being made to tell his story. Why did this happen to him? But more importantly: who in the village should play his role?




Ariel Ortega is a pioneer indigenous filmmaker and Mbyá-Guarani leader behind celebrated films such as “Two villages one path” (2008) and "Nhanderú’s Bicycles” (2010) alongside other Guarani indigenous filmmakers, through Vídeo has Aldeias (“Video in the Villages”) workshops, and also "Guarani Exile” (2011) and "Tava - the house of stone (2012)" directed alongside Ernesto de Carvalho, Patrícia Yxapy Ferreira, and Vincent Carelli. Ariel is a member of the Mbyá- Guarani Cinema Collective (Brazil) and the Ara Pyau Cinema Collective (Argentina). Also directed the short film “Our Spirits Keep Coming”(2021) with Bruno Huyer and Patrícia Yxapy Ferreira.

Ernesto de Carvalho is a Brazilian filmmaker, photographer, and editor, with an Anthropology Ph.D. from New York University, has collaborated with Mbyá-Guarani communities on films for over 15 years through the Vídeo nas Aldeias project. Co-director and photographer of the celebrated feature documentary “Martírio” (2016), winner of many international prizes. Ran workshops that produced several indigenous films such as “I've Already Become an Image” (2008). Directed alongside Ariel Ortega, Patricia Yxapy Ferreira, and Vincent Carelli the films “Guarani Exile” (2011) and "Tava - the House of Stone” (2012). Also directed the acclaimed short film “It’s Never Nighttime in the Map” (2016).

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